Cockatoo Artwork & prints – first art created on my Ipad!

Last year and most of this year while my baby was napping, I taught myself how to draw on my iPad I was given the previous Christmas. It seemed like such an intimidating new skill to learn, and for months I’d scribble a few things on it before getting overwhelmed at how little I knew about the brushes and gestures and features and whatever else I didn’t know what I didn’t know!

Finally I traced over a previously drawn line art piece of a cockatoo (more pics of the process to come) and began to embellish it fumbling along a few minutes or hours at a time. When I finally finished, I noticed Procreate (the app I was using) records the amount of hours spent. It was 12 last I checked.

Here’s the finished piece, which I’m in the process of organising to be turned into cushions and wall art for my shop

And here are the patterns I’ve made from the elements of the original artwork :

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5 ways to be more Creative

I know some people think they don’t have a creative bone in their body, but I’m here to tell you that’s a lie! We’re all creative – we create something every day – even if it’s a spreadsheet!

Although if you want to start looking at the world through a creative lens, which means noticing things traditional artsy types notice, here are 5 ways to do that every day.


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Staying motivated on your health & fitness journey with Elise Fleming

This morning I had the pleasure of listening to a motivating podcast featuring one of my favourite Instagrammers Elise Fleming (@eliseleefit) about motivation to get & stay fit,  sacrifice, nutrition, and leaving excuses behind to achieve your goals.

I always enjoy watching Elise’s IG stories because she’s one of those people who makes you feel like you can get so much done in a day. Not only is she a high school PE teacher, she’s a personal trainer and coaches 3 sports outside of school hours. Plus she always seems to pack a whole bunch of fitness into her days (like squats in the printing room). She’s so charming in the way she chats about her schedule & offers encouraging advice on managing time & being good to yourself.

So basically this podcast is all her most golden advice packed into one place. Yess!


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