Fashion Love

Today I’m chatting about my love of fashion, and how it came to be a huge part of my life, leading to my active clothing business Sea Spell, which features my textile prints.

Below is a range I designed in college.

Keep reading to hear about my creative upbringing, and the path I took that lead to where I am now.


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My story to an active life

Because I am a pattern designer and have created a range of activewear, I feel the need to explain the connection to the two on here. 

I’d always danced and loved the outdoors as a kid, and ate healthily thanks to my health-nut family. However I shied away from anything too strenuous and had no interest in exerting effort to change my body or make it healthier.

When I was close to turning 30, I made a decision to become the fittest and strongest version of myself, and gingerly started working out at home. I stumbled upon workouts on YouTube and was hooked after I started noticing how much stronger I was becoming. 

Once I was hooked on this working out thing, I began to wonder if I could contribute to the world of active clothing with my own designs, and made up some prototypes.

Something I love about activewear is that it has a freedom other forms of clothing doesn’t. Firstly, we all love a good stretchy pair of pants, right? I love the open-minded culture activewear has for anything whimsical & cheeky. You can’t take life too seriously when you’re wearing stretchy pink leggings with palm trees on them.

Designing leggings and crop tops printed with my my coastal inspired artwork is such a treat and a reflection of two great loves in my life.

At the time of writing this I’m pregnant and missing my muscles but I know I’ll get back to it when the time is right.

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My Favourite Vintage Tone it Up workouts

When I started my fitness journey around 2010/11 and wanted to do it at home, I found a Tone it Up Youtube workout, and have never looked back. I really feel like they are the inspiration behind my fit lifestyle and my activewear brand, Sea Spell. 

I love all of their workouts, but still seek out their original workouts, which are so much fun, and I get the warm fuzzies whenever I watch. Click image to see 10 vintage TIU workouts. 


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